We’re proud of our 5-star ratings from families and businesses throughout New Jersey and New York.

Each one is a testament to our customer service and attention to detail that ensure we can find the right mobility & accessibility solutions for your needs.

Here’s one of our favorites, from a client who wrote us directly:

Over the past 30 days, I’ve witnessed the services of 3 chairlift companies that sell/service the Bruno Elite chair lift,  ONLY Able Care Group not only had the parts available to service my chairlift but were willing to make an emergency call when my company made my problem worse by getting my chairlift stuck in the middle of the staircase separating me from the ONLY bathroom, bedroom, medication telling me I would have to wait until they ordered one of the 2 parts that might be needed and telling me in the meantime to call 911 to have emergency services come and move the chairlift to the bottom of the staircase.  Thank you, Able Care Group,  for being to not only contact my chairlift company and offering to sell them the needed parts to fix my chairlift but for coming immediately to fix my chairlift. Trent from Able Care even contacted the chair manufacturing company and was able to get the part I needed covered by warrantee (even though I did not purchase the chair from their company).  Thank you, Trent, and Able Care Group for TRULY CARING!  I praise God for the service that I received today from Able Care Group and I pray that the Lord would bless this business for helping others.   

–Carolyn, Nov. 1, 2021

Every 5 star rating is a story.