A commercial wheelchair lift (also known as a platform lift) is an excellent solution for ADA compliance for any business that doesn’t have enough space to install a wheelchair ramp or the budget for an elevator.

Able Care Group offers a variety of commercial and residential wheelchair lifts, including extended platform lifts and enclosed platform lifts.

If you need to increase the accessibility of your business, give us a call today.

Current Installation Time Frame: 6 to 12 Weeks.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Options
  • Safety Rails and Extended Ramp Included
  • For heights up to 14 feet
  • 36″ Wide Platform
  • Open Mesh Safety Grip Surface
  • Quick Installation
  • All-weather Protected Controls
  • 750-pound Capacity
  • Cold-weather Package
  • Electrical Motor, Battery, and Available Power Options
  • Gold Warranty Protection

Our wheelchair lift installations are designed to provide an easy access lift from floor to floor. As mentioned, we can install lifts both inside and outside. Wheelchair lifts are available in heights up to 14 feet.

To use a lift, simply enter the lift via the low-profile accessibility ramp, flip the switch up or down, and enjoy the ride.

The accessibility ramp automatically folds behind riders once they are on the lift, to provide added security.

commercial vertical platform lift