Wheelchair lifts (also called vertical platform lifts) make it easy to bypass staircases, providing access to all floors in your home. Our wheelchair lift installations provide a simple, durable solution that require less space than a ramp, making them ideal for layouts with close quarters.

Easily installed inside or out, wheelchair lifts accommodate both scooters and wheelchairs to safely accommodate floor to floor accessibility. If you’re curious about our lifts, or if you’d like to schedule an installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Able Care Group proudly serves New Jersey and New York with wheelchair lift installation services.

Current Installation Time Frame: 3 to 6 Weeks.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Options
  • Safety Rails and Extended Ramp Included
  • For heights up to 14 feet
  • 36″ Wide Platform
  • Open Mesh Safety Grip Surface
  • Quick Installation
  • Automatic Folding Ramp
  • All-weather Protected Controls
  • 750-pound Capacity
  • Cold-weather Package
  • Electrical Motor, Battery, and Available Power Options
  • Gold Warranty Protection

Our wheelchair lift installations are designed to provide an easy access lift from floor to floor. As mentioned, we can install lifts both inside and outside. Wheelchair lifts are available in heights ranging up to 14 feet. To use a lift, simply enter the lift via the low-profile accessibility ramp, flip the switch up or down, and enjoy the ride. The accessibility ramp automatically folds behind riders once they are on the lift, to provide added security.

vertical outdoor platform lift by bruno